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Community Sensory Garden

Built in partnership with the Hanover Park Park District, the NWSRA Community Sensory Garden welcomes individuals of all ability levels to explore, play, learn, and grow in a natural environment.  The garden features plants, vegetables, an accessible walkway, seating and several interactive amenities that cultivate an increased connection to nature.  Through the knowledge and expertise of Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS) and Certified Park and Recreation Professionals (CPRP), children and adults expand their boundaries through nature-based learning and play. NWSRA is proud to offer this inclusive space, which fosters an increased sense of community while providing equitable access to nature. 

Community Sensory Garden Logo

Community Partner:

Hanover Park Park District

Following are some examples of goals that may be achieved through interaction with the Community Sensory Garden:

  1. Expansion of cognitive abilities, decision making and problem solving  

  2. Advancing creativity, imagination and innovation

  3. Engagement through physical activity, developing gross motor skills and preventing of obesity

  4. Increasing social connections and forming relationships

  5. Regulating emotions and emotional release

  6. Reducing anxieties and stress

  7. Promoting focus and self-awareness

For more information on the Community Sensory Garden and available programming, please contact Kate Moran at or call 847-392-2848, ext. 274.  We look forward to seeing you at the Garden!

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