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Dream Lab Accessible Technology Center

The fully accessible Dream Lab opens endless possibilities through next-level technology. The Center hosts Virtual Real­ity, 3D printing, fully adjustable computers, a 70 inch iPad and so much more! Clients will learn stress-reduction techniques, expand their minds through endless virtual worlds and ex­plore their interests through technology.


Technology within the room includes:

  •  Padzilla- 70" iPad

  • TapIt Interactive Whiteboard

  • Virtual Reality Stations

  • Xbox and Adaptive Controllers

  • Adjustable Computer Stations

  • iPad Mirroring

  • Sensory Pod Chairs

  • 3D Printing

  • And much more!


For more information about the Dream Lab and available programming, please contact Lauren Jevaney at 847-392-2848, ext. 246 or e-mail laurenj@nwsra.org.

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Check out the Dream Lab video below!

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