Tracey Crawford

847-392-2848, ext. 251

Tracey Crawford, CTRS, CPRP

Executive Director, NWSRA

President, SLSF

Darleen Negrillo.jpg

847-392-2848, ext. 260

Darleen Negrillo, PHR, SHRM-CP

Superintendent of Administrative Services

Andrea- new headshot.png

847-392-2848, ext. 235

Andrea Griffin, CTRS, CPRP, CPE

Superintendent of Recreation

Rachel Hubsch- new 2019.jpg

847-392-2848, ext. 231

Superintendent of Recreation

Rachel Hubsch, CTRS, CPRP


847-392-2848, ext. 264

Superintendent of Communications & IT

Brian Selders, CPRP

Jessica Vasalos

847-392-2848, ext. 265

Administrative Manager

Jessica Vasalos



Manuel Aguilar

847-392-2848, ext. 258

Manuel Aguilar, CTRS, CPRP

Manager of Special Recreation, Athletics


847-392-2848, ext. 269

Nicole Derrig, CTRS, CPRP, CPE

Manager of Support Services

Victoria Gonzalez.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 237

Victoria Gonzalez, CTRS, CPRP, CPE

Manager of Inclusion


847-392-2848, ext. 239

Jacki Moore, CTRS, CPE

Manager of Special Recreation (Camps)

Katrina Place.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 259

Katrina Place, CTRS, CPRP, CPE

Manager of Special Recreation (Collaboratives)

Liz Thomas

847-392-2848, ext. 227

Liz Thomas, CPRP, QIDP, DSP, CPE

Sr. Manager of Special Recreation

Miranda Woodard

847-392-2848, ext. 253

Miranda Woodard, MBA

Accounting Manager



Megan Edwards.jpg

847-392-2848, ext. 261

Megan Edwards, DSP

Support Services Coordinator

Mackenzie Irelan.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 238

Mackenzie Irelan, CTRS, QIDP, DSP

Collaboratives Coordinator (PURSUIT MP)

Lauren Jevaney.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 246

Lauren Jevaney, CTRS, CPE

Inclusion Coordinator

Jake Joyce.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 220

Jake Joyce

Recruitment Coordinator

Dustin King.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 241

Dustin King

Facility/Operations Coordinator

Clariza Kotsovos.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 257

Clariza Kotsovos, CTRS, DSP

Inclusion Coordinator

Cortney Lucente new2.jpg

847-392-2848, ext. 268

Cortney Lucente, CTRS, CPRP, QIDP, DSP

Collaboratives Coordinator (STAR Academy @ MP & RM)


847-392-2848, ext. 226

Emily Nock, CTRS, CPE

Inclusion Coordinator


847-392-2848, ext. 242

Megan Quandt, CTRS, CPE

Program  Coordinator

Erica Stanko

847-392-2848, ext. 248

Erica Patricca, CPRP, QIDP, DSP

Collaboratives Coordinator (PURSUIT RM)

Jordan Ross.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 259

Jordan Ross, CTRS

Inclusion Coordinator

Trisha Palmieri

847-392-2848, ext. 236

Trisha Palmieri, CPRP, CTRS, QIDP, DSP, PATH

Collaboratives Coordinator (PURSUIT WHEELING)


847-392-2848, ext. 232

Maria Sposito

Graphic Communications Coordinator

Jocelyn Wright.jpg

847-392-2848, ext. 233

Jocelyn Wright, CTRS

Support Services Coordinator


847-392-2848, ext. 274

Kate Moran, CTRS, QIDP, DSP

Collaboratives Coordinator (PURSUIT HP)


Program Specialists

NWSRA logo.jpg

847-392-2848, ext. 247

Brianna Assad

Program Specialist


847-392-2848, ext. 276

Cay Collier, CTRS, DSP

Program Specialist

Georgia Klotz.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 240

Georgia Klotz

Program Specialist

Rebecca Lizalde.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 254

Rebecca Lizalde

Program Specialist

Alex Ramoska.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 262

Alex Ramoska, CTRS, DSP

Program Specialist

Kaila Robinson.jpg

847-392-2848, ext. 225

Kaila Robinson, QIDP, DSP

Program Specialist

NWSRA logo.jpg

847-392-2848, ext. 250

Anita Trzebunia

Program Specialist

Janae Winston.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 249

Janae Winston, CTRS

Program Specialist

Morgan Wirkus.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 245

Morgan Wirkus

Program Specialist

David Yurik.jpg

847-392-2848, ext. 228

David Yurik

Program Specialist


Support Staff

Mary Lou D'Astice.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 221


Mary Lou D'Astice

Michele Paradise

847-392-2848, ext. 222

Registration Office Coordinator

Michele Paradise

Zofia Sokiewicz

847-392-2848, ext. 235


Zofia Sobkiewicz


Special Leisure Services Foundation (SLSF)


847-392-2848, ext. 244

Superintendent of Development

Cathy Splett, CFRE, CPRP

JessicaLamb .JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 255

Foundation Manager

Jessica Lamb

Megan O'Brien.JPG

847-392-2848, ext. 267

Events Coordinator

Megan O'Brien

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