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2022-2024 NWSRA Strategic Plan

In 2021, NWSRA initiated it’s strategic planning process to develop a strategic plan for 2022- 2024. However, shortly into this process, we were all hit with something no one saw coming - a global pandemic. In terms of our strategic planning process, it left us a big decision to make - was developing a strategic plan in the middle of a pandemic right for our organization? There was much discussion around this, but at the end of the day NWSRA has thrived due to always having a plan. Now none of us saw getting hit with a pandemic but due to responsible financial management, operational excellence, our amazing staff, and providing essential services that our participants have learned they can’t live without; we knew we would navigate the pandemic and at the end of the day, pull through. It’s because of the foundation we laid, the plans we developed, and our ability to execute on those plans, NWSRA has been able to thrive. With this thinking in mind, we knew there was only one decision to make - move forward with our strategic planning process, which is exactly what we did.

We truly appreciate the time, commitment and insight which our stakeholders and facilitators contributed in the development of our 2022-2024 Comprehensive Strategic Plan. These strategic planning efforts continue to guide us down a road of success to meet the needs of the communities we serve.​

Click here to view the 2022-2024 NWSRA Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Staegic Plan 2.png

If you have any questions regarding the NWSRA Strategic Planning process, please contact Tom Draper at 847-392-2848, ext. 263 or e-mail  Thank you for your interest toward promoting outstanding recreational opportunities for children and adults with disabilities!

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