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NWSRA participant in Snoezelen Sensory Room

Imagine a room where...

Snoezelen Sensory Room

Imagine a room where a child with Autism can feel safe, or a teenager with Asperger’s can relax his mind through a multi-sensory experience, or an adult with Down Syndrome can feel in control and make choices independently.

Through technology and innovative design, the Snoezelen room is a controlled multi-sensory environment that helps to create a therapeutic alliance between the client and Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) as well as a safe place to develop life skills. NWSRA's vision is to provide meaningful, therapeutic and productive play in the Snoezelen Sensory Room through therapy sessions.


The goals of the sensory therapy are individualized and change from client to client.  Each Sensory therapy session is unique to each client’s needs.  Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS) work to create a balanced sensory life through goals related to:

  • Physical Improvement: fine and gross motor

  • Cognitive Improvement: problem solving and decision making

  • Emotional Improvement: cooperation/collaboration and increased confidence

  • Affective Improvement: regulation of feelings and emotional expression

  • Social Improvement: verbal and nonverbal communication

  • Linguistic Improvement: utilizing descriptive and expressive language


The Snoezelen Sensory Room is designed to deliver stimuli to various senses and is used to provide multi-sensory or single sensory focus.

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