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NWSRA Staff and Participant

PURSUIT is designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities 21 years and older throughout the year through four core elements: Recreation & Leisure, Skills & Self Advocacy, Community Integration and Health & Wellness. PURSUIT is licensed by the Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities. If you are interested in joining PURSUIT, please contact Katrina Wiegand at 847-392-2848, ext. 259 or e-mail, or Lauren Jevaney at 847-392-2848, ext. 246 or e-mail


Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine is available as a drop in program. This is a low structured program allowing individuals time to have a cup of coffee, read the paper with staff, watch a morning show or work out. Punch cards must be purchased in advance from the NWSRA office and can be purchased any time.  


Punch Cards:

5 visit card - $50.00

10 visit card - $100.00